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Why You Should Scrap Your Old Washer and Dryer and Use the Cash for New Ones

Last updated 2 years ago

Aging washers and dryers only add frustration to your weekly routines. When soggy clothes and short cycles become a repeat problem, it’s time for an upgrade. Thankfully, the cash that comes with taking old appliances to a junk yard can help you pay for a new washer and dryer. Review these upgrade benefits to find out what modern appliances have to offer.

Energy Savings: New upgrades offer fantastic energy savings for homeowners. According to, a new Energy Star clothes washer uses up to 30% less power than last-generation models. These power bill savings more than make up for the investment in new appliances. Plus, the extra cash that comes from junking old appliances at a scrap metal yard makes this investment even more attractive. New dryers don’t offer the same upfront savings, but an inefficient dryer could be costing your home extra energy. Take care of this problem for good by choosing a durable upgrade.

Upgrade Benefits: Your ancient washer and dryer likely lack the features that come standard on new units. An upgrade could offer your home helpful new settings and reduced machine noise. These technology upgrades can also make your laundry routine simpler and shorter. Don’t settle for less with an outdated washer and dryer combo—new models are typically more space efficient than previous models too. Consider the benefits that a bit of extra storage space could offer your home.

Home Appeal: Homeowners know that selling a home in the current economy can be tough. That’s why sellers look for any advantage to set their properties apart from the competition. Brand-new, energy-efficient appliances offer this advantage. Furthermore, aging appliances actually detract from the beauty of your home. The cost of new appliances can easily be absorbed by a successful home sale and the extra cash earned by your old appliances.

Get in touch with Brock Auto Parts & Recycling if you need to get old appliances out of your home. Then you can re-invest the cash we offer for your appliances into new home projects. Call us at (314) 371-4818 to learn how much your old washer and dryer are worth.


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